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Three smart ways to use Gmail with your assistant

Delegate efficiently from email, using the right tools and processes. Continue reading

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10 Startup Tools for faster growth

10 great tools to manage different functions at a startup and increase the overall productivity. Continue reading

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Managing people via technology: how does it affect our relationships?

These days, employees are bringing more technical savvy to the workplace than ever before. New hires are not just expected to understand tech basics, but to be able to teach and spread their enthusiasm. Lucky for HR departments everywhere, new … Continue reading

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The best tools for employee engagement

What is an engaged employee? An engaged employee is emotionally invested in their work and adds value to an organization day-to-day. What is an ideal employee? The ideal employee loves their job and jumps out of bed early because they’re … Continue reading

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Should you buy Google Apps from a reseller?

According to Google, well over 5 million businesses use Google Apps, for everything from email and cloud file sharing to CRM management and collaborating on documents. The reasons for Google Apps’ popularity are many, as we’ve mentioned in our earlier … Continue reading

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How to get your Website Indexed on Google

The term “Google Rank” is one that you’ve probably heard quite frequently. If you’re not sure exactly what it refers to, but you know that it’s important, then this infographic will certainly be handy for you. Your “Google Rank”, also … Continue reading

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Green Dinosaur is using Hiver to run Projects better, by eliminating Project Managers

Read how Green Dinosaur uses Hiver to manage projects better. Continue reading

5 ways your startup can prevent employee burnout

Manage burnout and fatigue at work by taking these 5 steps. Continue reading

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How Spera Law Group is using Hiver to Streamline Processes and Save their Customers’ Time

Spera Law Group is using Hiver to Streamline Processes and Save their Customers’ Time. Continue reading

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4 Tips to Protect Your Gmail

Gmail is strong, but it is not immune to cybercrime and infiltration. Given that you likely use your Gmail account for at least some business purposes and handling of sensitive information, it isn’t necessary to go too in-depth about the … Continue reading

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Three Counterintuitive Business Storytelling Tips

Storytelling is making a comeback. Marketers are realizing that with deep penetration of smartphones, the ubiquity of Google Search, and most logistic challenges solved by Amazon, customers are not challenged by how to buy something but rather what to buy. … Continue reading

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How USource is Using Hiver to Make Its Clients Superhuman

No matter how technologically advanced we become, there will always be only 24 hours in a day. That’s why, as an entrepreneur or a business manager, you need to ensure that your working time is spent only on the most … Continue reading

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GrexIt is now Hiver

Ever wondered where our name “GrexIt” comes from? Grex, in Latin, means crowd or flock. Back in 2011, when we were starting work on our new product which would help teams collaborate better on email, GrexIt seemed to be an … Continue reading

8-Point Checklist to More Effective Cold Emails

If you feel like your cold email outreach doesn’t bring you the effects you expect from it, the first thing to check is the copy of your emails. To gain some new clients or business partners, you need to send well-written messages. What is a “well-written” cold email, though? Check the 8 questions you should ask yourself to identify the points of your cold email campaign that call for improvement.
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Quickstart: Gmail and Google Apps migration guide

Made up your mind about deploying Google Apps at your workplace? We’ve got a quick, step-by-step guide that should have you up and running in a jiffy. We’ll cover all the basics, giving you a fair ideas as to what all’s involved in migrating to Google Apps. Continue reading

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Using encryption to secure your office PCs, laptops and smartphones

Industrial espionage and corporate data theft are an uncomfortable reality for any modern business. Laptops get stolen, cloud storage accounts get compromised, disgruntled employees steal files …

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Do customer support from your Gmail super efficiently with Mailflo

There’s a lot that we have learnt out of interacting with GrexIt customers over the last couple of years. We have seen customers use GrexIt, which is a really flexible system …

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The best iOS and Android apps for Gmail power users

Gmail is easily the world’s most widely used Email service. And this popularity isn’t just limited to personal usage. On the contrary, with many businesses having switched over to Google Apps. …

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The best apps to make your commute more productive

Make a list of the things you wish you could change about your job, and the dreaded morning rush hour commute is probably going to sneak in somewhere near the top. Long or inconvenient work commutes aren’t . …

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The death of Google’s ActiveSync support, and what it means for you

Google’s announcement that it would be ending Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support seems to have invited a lot of criticism over the impact it will have on businesses that use Google Apps. Over the past few years, Google Apps in general…

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